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Sunday, April 4, 2021


     Hola! I'm so happy to announce that we, my beautiful wife Keli & I, have just finished booking our flights and accommodations for our upcoming Costa Rica vacation in January 2022. This will be my 4th trip to CR and Keli's 3rd. If you follow my blog then you are aware that Keli was unable to travel with me during my 2nd trip (May 2014) which was when my dental work was completed by Dr. Prada. Just like our last time in CR (January 2019), this is a vacation trip and although we will be visiting Prada and the DDS Dental crew for cleaning and a general check-up, there is nothing wrong with my implants or teeth. I feel like I have to state this because last time I received emails asking if I was returning to CR because of implant failure or broken teeth. Everything is 100% fine with my dental work and to this day I still have had zero issues with anything. 

    Last time we stayed one week and rented a fabulous vacation house in the town of Atenas. This time we will be in the country for 2 weeks and start off by traveling to parts that we have not visited before. We will fly from the States directly to Liberia in the northwest part of CR and spend the first week exploring around the Nicoya Peninsula including Tamarindo, Samara, Manzanillo, Montezuma to name a few. For the 2nd week, we will be returning to Atenas. We rarely go back to the same town, same accommodations when traveling because we like to experience new surroundings. But we loved this little town so much back in 2019 that we didn't think twice about if we should return or not. Atenas has the absolute best climate that we have ever experienced anywhere and we have traveled to a lot of different places over the years. Atenas is about a 30 to 40 minute drive from the capital city of San Jose and this is where we will fly out of for our return trip to the States after our 2nd week is up. We love Atenas so much that this very well could be the place we end up retiring to. Other places that we are considering retiring to are, Panama, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Mexico, or Portugal. But that is still some years down the road so who knows what life will bring by then.

    We will of course post photos and videos of our trip and updates on any changes at DDS Dental, if any. So please stay tuned and if you happen to be in CR during January of 2022, shoot us a message and maybe we can meet up if our logistics match. You can also follow us on Instagram @happy.tiny.home