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Saturday, July 19, 2014


Before I went to Costa Rica to get my teeth fixed I use to have these teeth dreams from time to time. I would dream that my nasty teeth started to fall out of my mouth and render me toothless. I would wake up and realize I still had my disgusting, chipped, stained and gaped teeth. I would then wish there was something I could do to get my teeth fixed. I have no doubt that I had these dreams because I was always so aware of how bad my teeth were and how it affected my life. It consumed my mind in wake and sleep.

Now that I have a brand new smile and I am no longer consumed with thoughts of bad teeth can you guess what happened to my teeth dreams? Gone? NOPE! They have altered only slightly. Now I dream that my new white and straight teeth fall out. I wake up feeling my teeth with my tongue and then being so happy that it was all just a dream.

Sunday, July 13, 2014


During my trip home I had a layover in Dallas. Before they started boarding my flight home to Portland they announced that they had 2 first class seats available and the first 2 people who came up to the counter could upgrade for $100. As soon as I heard that announcement, I was up there as quick as my non-fit body could get me. The person who snatched up the other seat was a gentleman who was a tad older than me and who was also returning home after visiting family in Texarkana. We talked quite a bit and I told him about my dental journey to Costa Rica. During our conversation I suddenly noticed how I was not trying to hide my teeth as I was so used to doing all my life. I was talking, smiling and carrying on with confidence that I had never possessed was very nice.

To this day I still continue to build my confidence but frankly it's coming naturally with little effort. Instead of avoiding conversations I now find myself wanting to join them. I knew this whole experience would result in a huge life change but it's still surprising in some ways to see how quickly and easily I'm making those changes.

For my regular and dedicated readers I apologize for going so long without any kind of update. Once I returned home I settled into the normal life of work and play. Everything is going great and I've had zero problems regarding the dental work I received from Dr. Prada in Costa Rica. I love my smile and I can't believe how much my new teeth feel natural. I still have planned a final wrap up post that should cover quite a bit and I'm currently starting to piece that together. Thank you for your patience and I'll get back to you soon.