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Sunday, July 13, 2014


During my trip home I had a layover in Dallas. Before they started boarding my flight home to Portland they announced that they had 2 first class seats available and the first 2 people who came up to the counter could upgrade for $100. As soon as I heard that announcement, I was up there as quick as my non-fit body could get me. The person who snatched up the other seat was a gentleman who was a tad older than me and who was also returning home after visiting family in Texarkana. We talked quite a bit and I told him about my dental journey to Costa Rica. During our conversation I suddenly noticed how I was not trying to hide my teeth as I was so used to doing all my life. I was talking, smiling and carrying on with confidence that I had never possessed was very nice.

To this day I still continue to build my confidence but frankly it's coming naturally with little effort. Instead of avoiding conversations I now find myself wanting to join them. I knew this whole experience would result in a huge life change but it's still surprising in some ways to see how quickly and easily I'm making those changes.

For my regular and dedicated readers I apologize for going so long without any kind of update. Once I returned home I settled into the normal life of work and play. Everything is going great and I've had zero problems regarding the dental work I received from Dr. Prada in Costa Rica. I love my smile and I can't believe how much my new teeth feel natural. I still have planned a final wrap up post that should cover quite a bit and I'm currently starting to piece that together. Thank you for your patience and I'll get back to you soon.


  1. Can't wait for the final wrap but wanted to ask, if I remember from reading from months back that your temporary was made in 2 parts and the permanent in 3 parts? Do you have any idea why they did it like that? why not get as close to what the final product will be? Am I making sense? Thanks for your insight.

    1. Actually the temp was one full arch. We made the final in 3 separate bridges's just better that way. A lot of pressure on just one full piece arch/bridge. Plus if something was to happen, say a crack in the bridge or an implant gone bad then just that arch would have to be removed. Hope I answered your question. Thanks for visiting!


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