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Friday, May 15, 2015


Received another email from a very satisfied person who went to CR for dental work and thought I would share it here...after getting their permission of course. I love receiving emails like this and I'm so glad my blog has helped others as that is the primary reason for starting it.

"Hi Rod,

I'm sitting here in Escazu and felt the need to write and thank you. Your blog was definitely the tipping point in my decision making process to come here & I can't express enough what a positive experience this has been.
I'm staying at Victoria's (Liza's?)  and was telling her about my internet searches etc. & she said that you'd also stayed here. (she says hello btw)

Anyway, she's laughing at me a little bit because I'm just so excited about the whole process...perhaps it's only something that another person with serious dental phobias would understand. All of the doctors have been amazing! Dr. Prada is so kind and gentle....& incredibly patient!

I could go on & on about this amazing experience but I won't bore you (you've been thru it!) but I just wanted to thank you for your blog, to let you know that you are reaching a lot of people, and that you are (I'm sure) helping to make a huge difference in people's lives.

Good job!!!

Kind regards,


Thank you for the kind words Sharon and I wish you the best!!!!


  1. Thanks for creating this blog. I was working with a dentist in NYC and it's been close to 4 years and I still have upper and lower temps. It's crazy. The case is close to $50000. And I have been making payments and doing accounting barter work. This guy has come up with all kinds of reasons the work has not been complete. Gums too sensitive, saliva, small mouth, it's crazy. He just doesn't want to spend the money. I've heard about Costa Rica dentistry before but hadn't looked into it until now. I just walked out on this guy yesterday. He told me he could have the bottoms done in a couple of months which is exactly four years and no mention of the top. It's crazy! Thanks to all who have contributed to this blog. I'm sick of not smiling or laughing...

    1. An wondering how CS worked out for you. Hope you post an update for us.

      another New Yorker


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