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Friday, December 21, 2018


As many of you know, the Dental Tourism forum over at Topix was very popular and had a wealth of info based on peoples experiences. Well I received a message the other day from a gentleman that had backed up a lot of it, if not all, and is making it available to all. Big thanks go out to Eddie!

Click on the blue text below to access the documents. The first one, which combines all 389 pages onto one page, make take a few seconds to load up. My personal preference is the 2nd link that has each of the 389 pages as separate files but of course use what works best for you. A lot of reading but some very good info there regarding dental work in Costa Rica.

Hi Rod.
I'm Eddie.
So, Topix recently deleted all it's posts, including the "Dentist in Costa Rica" topic.
But I recently downloaded all 389 pages, then converted them to text files.
And I combined all 389 pages into a single text file.
One file has the single text file that combines all 389 pages into one text file.
Dentist in Costa Rica Topix Forum 389 pages in one document

The other file has all 389 pages as separate text files.
Dentist in Costa Rica Topix Forum 389 pages, each page a separate file

I posted on Tripadvisor but they removed my post. I guess it's against their rules.

So maybe you could publicize my message on your site.
I'm just trying to help people with the info from Topix, now lost except for my handiwork.

I also have all 389 Topix pages as html files, if that's of use to anybody.



  1. Wow! Please thank Eddie for saving all of this information. There is a wealth of it in those threads. I never would have made it to Costa Rica if it hadn't been for reading about the experiences of others who had gone before me!

  2. Hi. I'm EddieJ. I'm the one who saved all the Topix Dentist info.
    I hope it's useful to others.
    And check out:

    Thanks Rod.

    1. Thank you so much Eddie for saving all that valuable info!

  3. Thank you both for this, I was revisiting the site and got the message...I was like OHHHH NOO! Glad I came here!

  4. Thanks for the Topix archive, Eddie. What a great resource the old Topix stuff is. I'm reading Tripadvisor for Dental in Costa Rica. Topix archives has way more stuff. Thanks.

    And thanks Rod for pointing to the Topix archives. And your blog is great too. Good luck.


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