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Thursday, January 17, 2019


As you know this trip to Costa Rica was all about rest and relaxation. But we did want to get a checkup while here because Dr. Prada and his team are just that good. I mean who voluntarily goes for a dental checkup during a vacation? Well, the staff at DDS are so welcoming and kind, the work they do is so professional and pain-free that we just had to take advantage of being here and go in for a visit.

As soon as we entered the office we were greeted with a welcoming smile from Natalia...

My wife, Keli, has never had work done at DDS, but she did accompany me during my 1st trip down here in 2014. Since she knows how successful that trip was she had no worries at all about sitting down in the dental chair. In the photos below, Dr. Prada is examining Keli while telling her what he is looking for...

Now, this next part/photo is a bit embarrassing for me. After taking the photos above, I went for a walk, took some photos of the office and such. When I came back to Keli and Dr. Prada, he had finished looking her over and was chatting to her about something....that something was ME! You see in the last year or so I've kind of slacked off a bit on my flossing and both Dr. Prada & Dr. Gonzalez could see that when they examined me earlier. So in this next photo, Dr. Prada is basically asking Keli to ride my ass about keeping up with the flossing. OK, he didn't use those words but he did get the point across and it was funny and as I said earlier...a bit embarrassing for me. But I deserve it as I needed a kick in the pants to get back on track.

In a photo taken earlier that day, here I am about to have my implants and gums looked over by Dr. Gonzalez.

I could tell that Dr. Gonzalez was not too happy with my lack of flossing lately. That's one of the great things about this team, they genuinely care about your dental health and they want you to succeed. They truly do care.  Also now that I look at this photo, I do believe I need to stay away from the sugar and fatty foods....for a while.

The dental visit was a success for both Keli & I. On the way back to our vacation rental, Keli kept commenting on how professional and wonderful both Prada & Gonzalez were and that next time we visit CR she wants to go for another checkup. I just looked at her and said, "told ya so".

In the next post I'm going to talk about the exciting new addition Dr. Prada has made to his practice. He now has his own dental lab right inside of his clinic! This is a huge benefit for both patient and doctor. Stay tuned for that after I return home from our vacation. I'll end this post with a photo of the beautiful sunset we experienced yesterday from our rental, which is approximately 8 km west of Atenas, CR, and a video of Puntarenas that I shot with my Mavic drone.

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