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Friday, May 30, 2014

41: TEETH!

OK I'm pretty tired and have to get up early in the A.M. for my flight so a quick post showing my final & permanent teeth. I'll do a more detailed post and a wrap-up post once I get home.

The Zirconia abutments...

The 3 bridges of ZirkonZahn Prettau Zirconia teeth...

                      (lighting not doing the teeth justice in above pics. Much whiter in person)

Isn't it amazing how different light and angles will make the teeth look slightly different such as the whiteness? Above they look kind of dingy and not very pleasing which is opposite of actual  appearance   I've also found the after the teeth were attached to the abutments and I took photos of them, sometimes it would look as if they were too wide/big and other times they looked perfect.





(labeled "front 1" - for reference to a comment below)

(note to self: take earbuds out when being photographed)

In the photo directly above see the small gap where there is no gum in front and behind the canine tooth? When Dr. Prada put the new teeth in yesterday, he said that the gum would drop a bit and fill in those places nicely, creating that little triangle of gum that is important for good aesthetics. Well I thought he meant a week or two but when I woke up this morning, those small gaps were filled in beautifully with gum and I'm not talking about BubbleYum gum. I was happy.

Remember how I was saying that the teeth can look different depending on the lighting, angle and such? Take a look at this next photo. It was the first one I sent out to family and close friends after getting my final teeth attached....

Now see how the front teeth here look bigger than the earlier photo that I labeled "front 1"? Also something else that someone from the forums brought up is that it doesn't seem in this photo that the center line of my front teeth line up exactly with my nose tip and my philtrum. (philtrum is the upper lip divot). But again when you look at photo "front 1", all looks fine. Well the "front 1" photo was taken head on...facing directly in front of me. The photo immediately above was taken by me with one hand and off to the side a bit and thus makes the center line look off. As far as the teeth looking wider in the above photo, I have noticed that when I take selfies with my cell phone (cellfies?) that it tends to distort things slightly. The main camera on the phone, the one that is on the back, takes great pics. But the smaller pixel camera above the display screen...well not so much. Have no idea if that is the cause, or if it's lighting or what but I do know they don't look that wide in person.

Well that is it for now. Off to bed soon and then after an entire day of flying I'll be back in my babies arms once again. Can't wait!

Thanks for reading and look for the next post towards the end of the weekend.


  1. Looks good! Yes... Take the earbuds out next time.

  2. Looks fantastic! Congratulations!

  3. Teeth look AWESOME! What was your end cost for all of this?

    Doug A

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