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Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Every time I think I know what the days dental appointment will consist of, I end up being way off. I guess I could just ask what the will be done during the next appointment when I leave the last one but that would be too easy. So today I had appointment #2 of Trip #2. I again decided to take advantage of the beautiful weather and walk to the clinic. More on that later. I thought today would just consist of going over the shape and size of my upcoming permanent teeth. But wrong again. I was in the chair for another 2 hours and this is what was done...straight from the Dr. Prada, "We made a verification jig to confirm the accurate implant impressions. We also made a more accurate bite registration".  Now what does that mean you ask? It meant 2 more hours in the chair and that's all I know. They numbed me, they worked on me and all the while I had headphones on and tapping my fingers along to local music videos on the overhead TV.

Yes I took that photo while they were working on me. Hey a blogger has to do what a blogger has to do. Anyhow after it was all done and they had replaced my temporary bridge, I was informed that I will see Dr. Gonzalez, the one who placed the implants among other procedures, at 1400 hrs tomorrow. That's 2pm for you rookies.

Again I decided to forgo the easy, quick cab ride back to the house and walk it. But before I was on my way I started up my Endomondo app on my phone. I use this back home to record my bike rides and walks. It uses the GPS built into the phone and records all kinds of information during the event. Unfortunately it told me I was not walking the 2 miles each way that I had thought but rather only 1.4 miles. OK, OK...1.38 miles. Geesh. ;)

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