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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Yesterday (Monday) I had my 4th dental appointment during this 2nd trip of my dental journey in Costa Rica. This appointment was a big step which in turn brings me so close to my finale. On this day my temporary prosthesis, that I've been wearing since January, was removed in order to be fitted with the 1st draft of my new teeth. I've been referring to my temp as "Cracky" since it cracked a couple of months ago while I abused it on some tacos. So off came Cracky and I was finally able to see how bad I had messed it up from gluing it together multiple times....

Once that lovely piece of toothy goodness was out of my mouth it was time to be fitted with zirconia abutments. You might remember this diagram that I had in post #34...

The white zirconia part labeled "Single abutment" is what Dr. Prada attached to my implants at this stage. Let me tell you that this was the first time during this entire treatment, even going back to trip #1 when I had my teeth pulled and implants inserted into my bone, that I had experienced pain. The zirconia abutments had to be placed tightly against the gums, then the doc would let my gums relax for 5 minutes in which the pain would go away. Then he would tighten them down some more (pain!) and say, "the pain will be gone in about 5 minutes then I'll tighten them some more". Sure enough about 5 minutes later the pain was gone and once again he would crank on those abutment screws a little bit more. Why no novocaine you ask? That is a very good question and believe me I found out. Once the abutments were in place we would then place the mock up of the 3 individual bridges onto those abutments. Then we would have to check on how the size and shape of the teeth looked in my mouth while smiling, talking, relaxed mouth and so on. It's much more difficult to accurately judge this stage when your lips are numb and drooping down due to being shot up full of novocaine. So this is why Dr. Prada kindly asked me to try and bear this stage with no numbing which I obliged. Now these next photos are not pretty but here are the zirconia abutments in place...

I believe that there are some cultures on this planet where I would be promoted to Chief with a smile like that. So 7 zirconia abutments on 7 titanium implants. Now it was time to "dry fit" the 3 bridges. These bridges are not made of the Prettau Zirconia material that my finals will consist of. These are just a temporary made of plastic and their sole purpose is to check the shape, size, bite and overall look of the teeth. If all is well then those 3 temporary bridges will go back to Favini's lab and then the finals will be made. Here is a shot of the 3 segmented bridges. The front bridge consists of 4 crowns while the other two have 3 crowns each...

Here are all 3 bridges together on I guess it's called.

And here are the 3 bridges in place. First thing we saw was that the canines were a bit too long. Also we questioned the overall length of the teeth. But remember this is exactly what this stage is for, too see if there is anything we want to correct/change before making the finals.

Here I'm holding up Cracky just to compare the color shade...

On the left is Cracky that I've been wearing since January and on the right are the 3 segmented bridges. I believe this is after Dr. Prada shortened the pointy canines...

So what happens now? Well unfortunately the 3 bridges had to come out and back to Favini's lab. When Dr. Prada told me they would be temporaries, I didn't realize he meant that I would have them in my mouth for only about an hour! But that was the plan all along. To stick those in, get a look at everything, make some changes to them and then send them back to the lab. Then the changes will be incorporated into the final teeth. So what happened to little Cracky? We are once again inseparable until Thursday when I get my final & permanent teeth.

Later that day, I went out to meet Mr. Lorenzo Favini and get a tour of his lab which he operates on his property up on a beautiful hillside in a secluded area about 20 minutes out of town. I ended up spending about an hour, at least, there and talked with him in depth about the process of my teeth being made. Well it was in depth for me but I'm sure to him I was just asking rookie questions. I also shot some video and it's going to take some time to put it all together in a presentable manner. In fact I may not have the Favini post uploaded to the blog until after I get back to the States, but here is a teaser...

I had one hell of a good experience at the lab and it made me even more excited about getting ZirkonZahn Prettau Zirconia teeth by Lorenzo Favini! Now that's a mouth full....ha!...get it?


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    continued in next comment

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  2. continued from my previous comment

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    John from California October 2014

    1. Thank you so much John for sharing your experience and I'm so glad you had a great experience like I did. Truly was amazing compared to U.S. dental wasn't it? Thanks again!!!


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