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Sunday, May 25, 2014


(lots of photos in this post so may take awhile to load if you have a slower connection)

Saturday morning I woke up with a goal. To get in a good, long walk in order to burn some calories and see parts of the city on foot. I threw some things that I thought I might need in to my backpack, started up my Endomondo tracking app on my phone, put some buds in my ears, started some tunes and I was off. I had an idea of where I was heading but wasn't 100% sure. I started walking East towards downtown San Jose. As always, click on the photos to enlarge.

(the numbers on the blue route line are the mile indicators from the Endomondo app)

(how about some river front property for cheap)

(how about some vertigo)

(stadium pano)

(sabana park + stadium)

 (sabana park pano)

(entering a questionable area?)

(from the coca cola bus station you can get to just about anywhere in CR for cheap)

 ("coca cola" because there use to be a huge coke billboard over the bus depot and the name stuck)

("gringo you need a taxi?")

(the market) 

(this was a coffee shop that wife & I found during 1st trip in January. I had to have this once more!)

 (so I ended up at the main shopping area on a weekend...real smart Rod)

It was time to start heading back home. Dark clouds were moving in and the downpours here can be intense. I had a rain shell in my backpack but wasn't too excited about the possibility of using it. Came across a cemetery and some murals...

(from my instagram photos)

(all sites are above ground not due to religion but because the high water table)

(when I saw this one I said out loud, "what the hell?!")

(this guy drives around the city all day. Creative advertising)

So I ended up walking over 20 km or 12.5 miles. I expelled 2,000 calories. Here is the info from my app. I have no idea why it says max speed 41.7 mph. No I didn't cheat by jumping in a cab. 

Here is the speed graph. Makes no sense why the other info states 41.7 mph as top speed because this shows top speed of 6+ mph. Proof!  ;)

It was a good day and the rain never showed up. By the time I returned to my room I was exhausted to say the least. My body is not use to that thing called exercise and this morning when I woke up I was paying the price. Sore shoulder from the backpack mostly. I did have 3 or 4 different people ask me for money while on this little stroll but I never felt threatened or unsafe even when I was in a less than ideal neighborhood.

Thanks for reading.

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