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Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Today (Monday) was a very nice and relaxing day. Usually on true vacations I like to go zip lining, hiking and mostly keeping busy with having fun and seeing the popular sites. But this isn't one of those true vacations of course. The majority of my funds will go to my dental treatment. But as I said we had a nice day.

It started out with an incredible breakfast at Cafe Milagro here in Manuel Antonio. I had mango crepes and my lord they were delicious....

Then we headed to the beach and spent the better part of the day with this view...

I headed out in the kayak again today to take a photo of our beach from a few hundred yards away...

Then the really dark clouds rolled in with lightening & thunder. We decided to head back to our room since we had a feeling that some major rain was approaching. We guessed that one right because when it started to come down it was unreal. Now I live in a state where we get some serious rain (Oregon) but I had never seen anything like this. I've never seen it rain so hard for so long. 4 hours straight of the hardest, biggest downpour you can imagine. Photos can't do it justice but....

Some people might be bummed by all this rain on their vacation but we loved it. We sat on the patio just watching it come down & listening to the huge & powerful thunder booms. It was something else.

Later we went to dinner at a place that was recommended to me in my Cosa Rica book. If you come to CR, this book is must: Costa Rica The Complete Guide by James Kaiser. Anyhow we went to a place called Ronny's Place and had a wonderful dinner. I had the Whole Red Snapper which was just caught this morning and was probably the best fish I've ever had. We washed it down with a virgin piƱa colada. The next 3 photos are of this...

I know what you're thinking, "Who takes photos of their food?". I have a good reason...well to me it's a good reason. My memory is basically non existent. I can't remember what I did 5 hours ago unless I record it somehow. So when I'm visiting a new place, CR in this case, I like to capture the good moments so that I can look back years from now (or 5 hours from now) and remember. Other wise I end up having a conversation with my sweet Keli that goes something like this...

Keli: Hey baby do you remember that great dinner we had at Ronny's Place in Manuel Antonio last winter?

Me: Where is Manuel Antonio?

Keli: In Costa Rica you dumb ass

Me: We've been to Costa Rica?


Pura Vida!


  1. Looks like fun. Glad you had a few days to enjoy yourselves. Great blog. We are leaving on the 13th for CR. I land at 12, and my procedure starts at 2:30, so no fun right out of the gate for us. I'll have to see how scheduling goes to book any excursions. Hopefully, there will be plenty of down time in between appts., and we have the weekend too, so we should be good. Although, I may be nursing a very painful mouth, and choose to get tanked up on Advil Anyway, have a great time. Best of luck to you

  2. Thank you for posting and thanks for reading my blog. Hope your trip to CR goes well. Spread the word!

  3. Don't worry about photographing your food. Many people do it. I travel to Russia often (but wouldn't have my dental done there), and I'm always photographing my plates. It helps me remember what I've eaten on my trips. Ok, the snapper does look disgusting. The only worse fish on a plate I've ever seen was that "Visa" commercial a few years ago: Two guys travel to Norway to check out their family ancestry. The waiter puts a plate in front of them that has the most disgusting, raw-looking fish with huge eyeballs staring at them. The 2 gents just look at each other in disgust. Then they realize that they're of Swedish descent. That's how the commercial goes. Good blog, by the way, I'll probably use one of the clinics listed, if I decide the Costa Rica route is best for me. I'm also researching Hungary and Poland, since I travel that way anyway. Thank You!

    1. LOL...funny stuff. I agree that my fish did look a bit strange but it was one of the best I've ever had! Thanks for reading my blog!


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