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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Today I had my appointment to receive my new and improved temporary teeth. These are the ones I will wear home with me and if all goes well they will stay in my mouth until I make my return to Costa Rica, at which time I'll be fitted with my permanent porcelain fused to zirconia teeth or PFZ for short.

It seems strange but I had those 1st set of temp teeth for less than a week. I thought they were pretty good for temps until I was fitted with this new one. I noted in an earlier post that I thought the front four teeth of the original were a bit too wide and the canines were sort of bulky. I wasn't complaining as I knew I wouldn't have them very long. I was making these observations because I was asked to do so by Dr. Prada in order to know how to refine the 2nd set. The permanent teeth I'll receive in 6 months, roughly, will be more realistic and customized than either of the temporary sets but for now I believe I'll be very happy with these.

Here is the 1st and 2nd prosthesis side by side. You can see how the original has a more yellowish tint and the front 4 teeth are more squared and chicklet like...

Dr. Prada did some prep work on my posts before attaching the new prosthesis. He said I probably wouldn't need to be numbed for this but he would be happy to do it if it made me feel more at ease. I chose to skip the numb stuff and it was absolutely fine...the man is gifted 

I'm always trying to steal a peak and see what is going on...

Here you can really see the improvement on my bite and alignment. The first mold is of my original teeth showing the bucked teeth and huge gaps. The second mold was taken after the first set of temporaries were in place...

Kind of a slight difference isn't it? See in the second mold how the teeth from the first prosthesis looks big and square? That is one of the things we improved on with the new one. 

Dr. Prada gave me the 1st prosthesis to take home with me. This is for worse case scenario. If my current prosthesis was to break then I could take this original in to my local dentist's office and have it attached. That would hold me over until I returned to CR for my final teeth. As I've said before, my final teeth will not be like what you see below. They will be in separate segments instead of one solid arch, and will look like real teeth and not like the chiclets in this photo. In fact the teeth below look very primitive compared to what the final porcelain teeth will resemble, thank God...

Here are the new temps in action...

When I get my final PFZ's, I will be able to sit with Dr. Prada and help choose size, shape, color, texture, rounded corners or squared and so on. I am very happy with my decision to choose Dr. Prada & Dr. Gonzalez for my dental work. Although I learned of even more qualified dentists since I've been here and even took a tour of the most popular clinic in Costa Rica, I would still choose DDS Dental and these two doctors. Simply outstanding!

I have a appointment tomorrow with Dr. Gonzalez and then a final appointment with Dr. Prada on Friday. 

Thanks for reading 

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