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Thursday, January 16, 2014


No appointments today, last one is tomorrow afternoon. After arranging wire transfers to both Dr. Prada's & Dr. Gonzalez's account via our credit union's website (love technology), we decided to head out to a coffee plantation and take a tour that I heard was very good. It's called The Britt Coffee Tour and located only about 20 minutes north of downtown San Jose. I assumed that the tour was something that started every half hour or hour. You know that saying about assuming? So we get there at 11:30 only to find out that there are two tours per day...11am & 3pm. Damn...almost! But we visited their gift shop and also had a great iced coffee at the cafe. Sat out in their wonderful garden area and enjoyed our beverage.

Then we decided to head towards the Cartago area, making Orosi are final destination. Orosi is a small town that has nice local charm and a good place to go to get away from the busy city. That's what we've heard but we still have no idea if that is true. We stopped for a short break in Cartago and checked out a beautiful Catholic Church. Then we continued on to Orosi. About 10km out of Cartago, Keli brought up a good point. Will we be able to get to Orosi, check out the town and then return home before dark?* I did a quick km to time to sunset calculation in my brainage area and responded to her with a very intelligent, "I dunno". But the real answer was no, but almost. So we flipped a U and our trip to Orosi turned into a Thursday afternoon drive. But that was fine as it was nice to get out of town for a bit.  *(Driving in SJ is challenging for most tourists and to attempt it after dark is only begging for trouble. Many of the streets are not stripped. No yellow line, no white line and no dotted white line to designate different lanes. Those conditions at night is not a fun thing to deal with)  

I almost forgot! We ALMOST got forced into a ditch by a trucker. We were entering a roundabout, which are crazy here by themselves, and a tractor/trailer rig was on our left and started to squeeze us. It was either get hit by the truck on the left, go into the very large ditch to the right, or hammer down on the throttle and shoot out into the roundabout traffic. I chose option 3 and luckily it worked out. Fun stuff.
All I have is a few photos of the church in Cartago...

Thank you for reading!

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