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Saturday, January 11, 2014


My dentist back in the states is awesome!

On the Topix forums, where many of us are discussing dental tourism, I read quite a few stories about how dentists are reacting when they learn of a patient going to another country for dental work. Some people just simply don't tell their doctor that they are going. I hear other stories about dentists using the scare tactic when a patient does tell them of their plans. Telling them that dentists in other countries don't have the same level of training. That if they go to another country they could end up with a mouth full of pain and misery. I've even heard instances of dentists refusing to see a patient again when they learn of that patient going abroad for dental work.

Then there are the dentists like the ones I have back home in Oregon. I told them (there are 2 dentists at my clinic) of my plans early on in my research and they were supportive and understanding from the beginning. They have even communicated with my Costa Rica dentists via email regarding my case. I have nothing against U.S. dentists.  I didn't come to Costa Rica because I think dentists in the states are evil, money hungry or uncaring. It's simply a matter of affordability. For the procedure that I wanted, I just could not afford the $40-50k it would take to get it done in the states and I even have double coverage dental insurance (my employer & my wife's). Many people believe that dentists could lower their prices and still make a good living but instead they are just greedy. This is such bull. A dentists overhead is pretty fricken incredible. You would mess your britches if you knew what they have to pay for malpractice insurance alone. Throw in their costs for lab fees, materials, office leases and a ton of other things then you begin to get a hint of that overhead I was speaking of.

Two days ago I received a very kind email from my home dentist. I replied asking if I could share it on this blog but I have yet to hear back. But that doesn't surprise me due to this clinic being very popular, very well respected and thus is EXTREMELY busy. So I made the decision to go ahead and share the email with you all but I will, of course, remove it if I'm requested to do so. 

As I dentist back in the states is awesome!

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  1. I am needing about $50K in dental work done. No molars is no bueno.

    I am enjoying your blog. It is exactly what I needed to help me feel better about my own CR dental journey. My good friend in CR suggested her dentist, Dr Anglada, who is on your short list.

    Dr Sandra Galloway is your dentist at home! She was my son's MOST AWESOME dentist when he was very young. We LOVE her!! My son remembers her fondly. I have been tempted to go back to see her again for myself and my children. We live in Corvallis. Travelling for an awesome dentist is so worth it!

    Thanks again for sharing your dental journey.


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