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Wednesday, January 8, 2014


This morning I had my first appointment with Dr. Prada @ DDS Dental and thus start the beginning of my new smile and the ending of a bad one that has held me back for so long. I arrived about 15 minutes early and they were not opened yet but they had a bench to sit on outside their office so no biggie. Took a couple exterior shots while I waited for them to open...

The photo below is of their brand new imaging center (next door to clinic) for panoramic x-rays, cone beam scans and such. DDS use to have to send patients to another facility in order to have these procedures done but not any longer...

When I took the above photo, someone inside saw me and waived at me to go back over to the main clinic entrance where they let me in about 10 minutes before opening hours...very nice of them. When I gave the girl my name they had me down for a 11 am appointment instead of 8. So I just simply opened up my folder that I had with me and found the email copy they had sent me and handed it to them. 8 am appointment in writing. It's nice to be prepared. I think what happened is that they had to change it and forgot to let me know. Again not a big deal. I even told them that I had no problem coming back at 11 but after calling Dr. Prada she said, "No he can see you now". Sweet!

I met the doctor and then settled in to one of the chairs we all love to sit in so much (sarcasm for those that couldn't tell). He looked around in my mouth and then took a bunch of photos...

It was then time to take several moldings of my teeth usuing that pink stuff they mix up on the spot...

After talking with Dr. Prada for awhile about different aspects of the upcoming procedure, I called my cab driver Carlos and told him I was ready. I then went straight to Walmart to get food that I'll need once my afternoon appointment is complete. Yogurt, juice, pudding, vegetable juice, jello, milk and so on. Stuff that I won't have to chew. 

The big procedure is 2 pm today and they want me there at 1:30. I was told that I will leave that appointment with temporary teeth. After a few days or next week sometime and if the implants are pretty solid then they can attach provisional teeth to my implants. That would be nice not having to deal with a removable denture. Dr. Prada says there is a 80% chance they can do that. 

I have an excellent and trustworthy taxi driver who speaks perfect English. I just call his cell when I need a ride and he gets here as soon as he can. He takes the most direct route and is a real good guy. If you ever find yourself in San Jose and need a good cab driver then give Carlos a call: 8811-6436

More later...hopefully   ;) 


  1. Rod, thanks for documenting your journey in this blog. We are following with great interest and appreciate the time you are taking to do this so others can benefit from your experience. I suspect you are in "the chair" now, and don't expect another coherent update today. I hope everything goes perfectly for you!

    1. Thank you Preston for the kind words. Getting ready to update the blog with my post-op entry.

  2. Take pics of the mushrooms in Walmart for me :) I wanna see the quality and label. -kari

    1. crazy sis. If we go back I'll be sure to check that out for you. You should be president of that shroom company by now right?


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