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Saturday, January 18, 2014


Well tonight is our last night in CR and tomorrow (way too early in the morning) we leave for home. I think 2 weeks is our limit from being away as we are really looking forward to getting back. My dog, Sky, will either be so happy to see me that she'll tackle me and lick my face off or be so pissed at me for leaving that she'll tackle me and rip my face off. 

These last two nights we've been staying in a town very close to the airport called Alajuela. In the morning it will be a quick 4km taxi ride to SJO (San Jose Airport). A 2 hour layover in Phoenix then, if all goes well, landing in Portland by 4:30pm. A 30 minute car ride later and I'll be home walking into an ambush set up by a 90 lb yellow lab. 

Today we just relaxed for most of the day and then decided to walk around Alajuela. We sat in the town square as this seemed the thing to do since there were so many locals doing it. There was some dance going on with a small band...

The church at the town square...

Last nights sunset...

Tomorrow night when I arrive home, I'll be doing that final wrap-up I spoke of yesterday.

Thanks for reading!

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